1. Finance

7 Operational Costs KPIs

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 💰

The total cost directly associated with the production and upkeep of the product or services sold by a company.

Infrastructure Costs 💰

The total expenditure related to maintaining and upgrading the physical and digital infrastructure of a company.

Legal Fees and Settlements 💰

The total costs related to legal consultations, proceedings, and settlements.

License and Royalty Costs 💰

The total amount paid for licenses (e.

Marketing and Advertising Expenditure 💰

The overall costs associated with promoting products or services.

Total HR-related Expenses 💰

The cumulative costs associated with recruiting, salaries, benefits, training, and other HR activities.

Utility and Rent Expenses 💰

The total expenditure for utilities (like water, electricity) and renting or leasing physical spaces.