1. Sales

9 Activity Tracking KPIs

Focused on quantifying and analyzing the daily activities and behaviors of the sales team, this subcategory helps in understanding how sales efforts are being allocated and executed. Activity Tracking involves monitoring the number and types of sales activities (calls, meetings, emails, etc.), ensuring that sales efforts align with strategic goals and revealing potential areas for efficiency improvements.

Appointment Setting Rate %

The success rate at which sales calls or contacts result in setting an appointment, indicating effectiveness of initial engagement.

Demo or Presentation Rate %

Measures the percentage of sales presentations or demos given out of the total number of opportunities, showing engagement level and value proposition delivery.

Follow-Up Contact Rate %

Tracks the rate at which sales reps follow up with leads after the initial contact, indicating thoroughness of the sales process.

Lead Response Time

The average time it takes for a sales rep to respond to a lead, showing the efficiency of the sales process.

Number of Calls Made #

This KPI tracks the total number of sales calls made by a sales team, giving insight into sales activity and effort.

Opportunity Follow-Up Time

The average time between follow-up actions on sales opportunities, reflecting on sales diligence and customer engagement.

Prospecting Activity Volume #

Total volume of prospecting activities by sales staff, showing efforts to generate new sales leads.

Sales Task Completion Rate %

Indicates the percentage of assigned sales tasks that are completed, assessing organizational efficiency and sales execution.

Sales Visit Frequency #

Reflects how often sales representatives visit clients, indicating the level of direct engagement and customer service.