1. Software Engineering

8 Development Process KPIs

This subcategory targets the measurement of efficiency and productivity in the software development process. It covers a range of KPIs that evaluate how effectively and swiftly development activities are carried out, how well resources are utilized, and the impact of the development process on overall project timelines. These metrics are vital for streamlining development workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality software products.

CPU Utilization %

Measures the percentage of the CPU's capacity utilized by the application during execution, impacting performance and server load.

Documentation Coverage %

Assesses the extent to which the codebase is documented.

Memory Usage #

Indicates the amount of memory used by the application during execution.

Number of Pull Request Revisions #

Counts the number of revisions a pull request goes through before being merged, indicating the clarity of requirements and the effectiveness of initial submissions.

Response Time

The time taken for the system to respond to a request in a production environment.

Team Velocity #

Measures the amount of work a team completes in a sprint or iteration, typically in story points or number of features.

Time Spent on Technical Debt

Tracks the time dedicated to addressing technical debt, including code refactoring and design improvement, essential for long-term project health.

Time to Merge

Reflects the average duration from when a pull request is opened until it is merged.