1. Compliance

7 Access & Data Management KPIs

Data Breaches Involving Sensitive Data #

Counts the number of data breaches where sensitive or confidential data was exposed.

Frequency of Data Backups

Indicates how often data backups are conducted.

GDPR, CCPA, and other Data Requests Processed Within the Time Frame %

Measures the percentage of data requests under regulations like GDPR or CCPA that are processed within the stipulated time frame.

Rate of Data Access Reviews Completed %

Calculates the percentage of planned data access reviews that have been completed.

Rate of Data Stored Encrypted %

Indicates the percentage of the organization's data that is stored in an encrypted form.

Rate of Successful Data Restoration Tests %

Measures the percentage of tests where data was successfully restored from backups.

Unauthorized Access Attempts Detected #

Measures the number of detected attempts to access systems, applications, or data without the necessary authorization.