35+ Compliance KPI Examples

In a world of stringent regulations and evolving rules, compliance ensures organizations walk the tightrope of legal and ethical standards. Compliance KPIs, in this scenario, are not just metrics but the very lifelines that ensure a company's longevity and trustworthiness in the marketplace.

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Decoding Compliance KPIs

KPIs in compliance function as the eyes and ears of an organization. They measure adherence to regulatory requirements, provide insights on potential vulnerabilities, and offer direction for improvement and adaptation in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Significance of Compliance KPIs

Beyond avoiding penalties, strong compliance practices backed by KPIs elevate a brand's credibility. They reflect an organization's commitment to operate ethically, safeguarding stakeholder interests and building long-lasting customer trust.

Aligning Compliance KPIs with Organizational Needs

It's not just about having KPIs, but about having the right ones. While regulatory adherence is paramount, aligning KPIs with organizational ethos, industry practices, and stakeholder expectations can maximize their effectiveness.

Most Popular Compliance KPIs for 2024

Discover the compliance KPIs that users have upvoted the most. Dive into each one to learn how they're calculated.

Rate of Employees Who've Undergone Compliance Training Annually %

Measures the percentage of employees who have completed their annual compliance training. Ensuring that employees undergo regular training helps in maintaining and improving their awareness of compliance requirements.


(Number of employees who completed training / Total number of employees) x 100


If 900 out of 1,000 employees complete their annual training, the rate is 90%.

Mean Time to Respond to Incidents

This KPI measures the average time taken to respond to an incident once it's detected. Quick response times can mitigate damage and prevent further risks.


Total time to respond to all incidents / Number of incidents


If 4 incidents took a total of 160 minutes to respond to, the mean time would be 40 minutes.

Number of Identified Risks #

Counts the total number of risks identified within a specified period. Knowing the number of identified risks gives an organization a baseline for prioritizing and mitigating them.


Count of risks logged in the risk management system


If 20 new risks are identified in the first quarter, the KPI would be 20.

Rate of Processes with Up-to-Date Documentation %

Evaluates the percentage of processes that have current and accurate documentation. Updated documentation ensures clarity, proper adherence, and minimal room for operational errors or misunderstandings.


(Number of processes with updated documentation / Total number of processes) x 100


If 80 out of 100 processes have current documentation, the rate is 80%.

Percentage of Processes With Documented Procedures %

Quantifies the portion of all operational processes within an organization that have associated documented procedures. Ensuring that processes are well-documented helps in standardizing operations, providing clear guidelines to employees, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


(Number of processes with documented procedures / Total number of processes) x 100


If an organization has 80 processes documented out of a total of 100, the percentage is 80%.

Comprehensive List of Compliance KPIs

Below is an extensive list of compliance KPIs, each accompanied by a brief summary. Click on any KPI to delve into its detailed description, including the formula and examples.

Access & Data Management

Continuous Monitoring & Documentation

Policy & Procedure Adherence

Risk & Incident Management

Third-Party Compliance

Training & Awareness

In Summary

In our current era where data plays a pivotal role, deciphering countless metrics may seem daunting. Yet, by harnessing the power of the correct compliance KPIs, organizations can map out a precise trajectory, fostering decisions rooted in insights that promote enduring growth. As we journey through 2024, allow these KPIs to serve as your enterprise's navigational constellations, highlighting prospects and navigating away from potential challenges.

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