1. Inventory Management

8 Costs & Value KPIs

Average Inventory Value 💰

This indicates the average monetary value of inventory held over a period.

Carrying Costs, Finished Goods 💰

These are the costs associated with holding inventory that's ready for sale.

Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment ⚖️

This metric evaluates the return on every dollar invested in inventory.

Holding Cost per Unit 💰

Represents the average cost to hold each unit of inventory.

Insurance Costs as Percentage of Inventory Costs %

Indicates the portion of inventory costs represented by insurance.

Inventory Holding Costs as Percentage of Gross Sales %

This KPI measures the proportion of gross sales that's consumed by the costs of holding inventory.

Inventory Holding Costs as Percentage of Inventory Value %

Represents the proportion of inventory value consumed by holding costs.

Value of Obsolete Stock 💰

This KPI measures the monetary value of stock that's no longer relevant or sellable.