1. Inventory Management

6 Inventory Accuracy & Integrity KPIs

Cycle Count Accuracy %

Assesses the accuracy of inventory counts done periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) compared to the inventory management system records.

Inventory Accuracy %

Measures the percentage comparison of the physical count of inventory items to the recorded amount in the inventory management system.

Inventory Location Accuracy %

Determines how often inventory items are found in their designated locations within a warehouse or storage facility.

Inventory Shrinkage as Percentage of Inventory Value %

Represents the reduction in the recorded inventory value that is not accounted for by sales.

Rate of Inventory Items Incorrectly Located %

Assesses the rate at which items are not found in their designated or recorded locations.

Rate of Inventory Items with Incorrect Stock Balances %

Calculates the rate at which the recorded stock balance does not match the actual physical count.