1. Inventory Management

9 Stock Levels & Turnover KPIs

Average Age of Inventory

Represents the average number of days items stay in inventory before being sold.

Backorder Rate %

The ratio of items that are ordered but currently out of stock to total sales, indicating how often sales cannot be immediately fulfilled.

Inactive Inventory as Percentage of Inventory Value %

Measures the value of items that have not been sold or used for a long period, indicating potential dead stock that ties up capital.

Inventory Days of Supply

Indicates how many days the current inventory will last at the current sales rate without new stock.

Inventory Turnover #

This KPI measures how often an organization's inventory is sold and replaced over a given period.

Sell-through Rate %

Measures the amount of inventory sold in relation to the amount received.

Stock Availability Rate %

Indicates the percentage of time items are available in stock when requested, pointing to the effectiveness of inventory management.

Stock Cover

The duration of time the current inventory will last given the sales rate.

Stockouts in Period #

The number of times stock was unavailable when requested in a specific period.