1. Marketing

9 Blogging KPIs

Average Backlinks per Post #

The average number of external websites linking to a blog post.

Average Comments per Post #

The average number of comments received per blog post.

Average Views per Post #

The average number of views a blog post receives.

Blog Conversion Rate %

The percentage of blog visitors who take a desired action, such as subscribing, downloading a content offer, or making a purchase.

Blog Subscribers #

The total number of individuals subscribed to receive updates from the blog, either via email or RSS feeds.

Frequency of Blog Posts #

How often new content is published on the blog.

Overall Blog Visits #

The total number of visits to the blog over a specified period.

Social Shares per Post #

The average number of times a blog post is shared on social media platforms.

Total Monthly Cost of Running a Blog 💰

quantifies the total financial expenditure associated with maintaining and producing content for a blog over a month.