130+ Marketing KPI Examples

Modern marketing isn't just about pretty pictures or catchy slogans anymore. In a world oversaturated with messages, how do you make yours stick? The answer isn't louder shouting, but smarter communicating. And that's where KPIs shine. In the vast sea of marketing, KPIs are your compass. They help you understand which messages resonate, which strategies pay off, and where you're just burning cash. KPIs are to marketing what a sharp knife is to a chef: not flashy, but utterly essential.

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Understanding Marketing KPIs

Let's break it down for a moment. If you've ever been overwhelmed by the buzzwords, metrics, and tech jargon, I get it. Imagine you're reading a novel, and your business goals are the main plot points. KPIs? They're the highlighted lines you'd underline because they tell you what the story's really about.

Now, picture marketing as a grand story. Your business goals are the adventures you want to embark upon. Maybe it's increasing your brand visibility, maybe it's getting more folks to sign up for your newsletter. Metrics are all the events in this story - the twists, the turns, the challenges. But not every event pushes the story forward. KPIs, on the other hand, are the crucial plot points. They're the events that matter, the ones that move your story (read: brand) toward that happy ending.

And guess what? Just like a novel, not every story is for everyone. Some marketing stories resonate with one audience but fall flat with another. And that's okay. Because with the right KPIs, you'll know which story to tell and to whom.

Relevance of Marketing KPIs

Marketing KPIs aren't just about numbers; they're about relevance. It's about asking the right questions. Is this ad campaign really attracting our target demographic? Are our blog posts actually engaging or just 'feel-good' reads?

In the swiftly changing arena of marketing, yesterday's killer strategy could be today's dud. That's why it's crucial to have KPIs that matter, ones that give you a real-time pulse of what's working and what's just hype.

Remember, good marketing is about connection, not just conversion. So while it's great to have metrics showcasing rising numbers, the real gold lies in understanding the 'why' behind those numbers. That's the story your KPIs will tell.

Most Popular Marketing KPIs for 2024

Discover the marketing KPIs that users have upvoted the most. Dive into each one to learn how they're calculated.

Website Traffic #

Measures the total number of visits to your website. Higher website traffic generally leads to increased brand awareness and potential sales.


If 20,000 users visited your site in a month, your website traffic is 20,000.

Website Conversion Rate %

The percentage of visitors who take a desired action, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. Directly correlates to website effectiveness in achieving its primary goals.


(Number of conversions / Total visitors) x 100


If 100 out of 2,000 visitors made a purchase, the conversion rate is 5%.

Ad Conversion Rate %

The percentage of users who take a desired action after clicking on an ad. It indicates the effectiveness of an ad or landing page in achieving its goal.


(Number of conversions / Total clicks) x 100


If out of 100 ad clicks, 20 users sign up for a newsletter, the Conversion Rate is 20%.

Social Media Impressions #

Counts the number of times content has been displayed on someone's screen. Note that this doesn’t mean it was clicked, just that it was displayed. Impressions give you an idea of the potential reach of your content. A high number of impressions suggests that your content has a wide audience, but it doesn't necessarily mean high engagement.


If a post shows up 20,000 times on various users' screens, it has 20,000 impressions.

Return on Advertising Spend ⚖️

The revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising. Evaluates the effectiveness of the advertising campaign in terms of revenue generation.


(Revenue from Ad Campaign - Cost of Ad Campaign) / Cost of Ad Campaign


If a company spends $20,000 on a TV ad and generates $100,000 in sales, the ROAS is 4:1, or $4 for every $1 spent.

Comprehensive List of Marketing KPIs

Below is an extensive list of marketing KPIs, each accompanied by a brief summary. Click on any KPI to delve into its detailed description, including the formula and examples.

Affiliates & Partnerships



Customer Journey

Digital Advertising

Email & Newsletters



Public Relations


Social Media

Traditional Advertising



Summing Up

In today's landscape where data shapes narratives, the plethora of marketing metrics can be daunting. However, when armed with the right marketing KPIs, teams can carve out a definitive strategy, driving decisions that bolster brand presence and ensure sustainable engagement. As you chart the course of 2024, let these KPIs serve as your lighthouses, illuminating promising campaigns and warding off potential missteps.

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