1. Marketing

10 Events KPIs

Average Booth Engagement Time

The average time attendees spend engaged with your booth, presentation, or session.

Brand Mentions During Event #

The number of times your brand or company is mentioned during presentations, in discussions, or on social media related to the event.

Conversion Rate Post-Event %

The percentage of leads from the event that convert into customers.

Cost Per Attendee 💰

The total cost of the event divided by the number of attendees.

Event Feedback Score 🏅

An average score from post-event surveys or feedback forms.

Event Return on Investment %

Measures the profitability of the event against its cost.

Leads Generated At Event #

The number of potential clients or customers identified at the event.

Net Promoter Score For the Event 🏅

Measures attendees' willingness to recommend the event to others.

Networking Opportunities Created #

The number of valuable business connections made during the event.

Total Attendees #

The total number of individuals who attend the event.