1. Marketing

15+ Podcasting KPIs

Average Cost of Episode Promotion 💰

The average monetary expense incurred in promoting each episode.

Cost of Transcripts 💰

The expense associated with transcribing each podcast episode.

Downloads per Episode #

The average number of downloads each episode receives.

Frequency of Episodes #

The number of podcast episodes published within a specific timeframe.

Marketing Time per Episode

The amount of time devoted to marketing activities specifically for each episode.

Number of Downloads Month over Month %

The change in total podcast downloads from one month to the next.

Number of Unique Downloads #

The total number of individual devices that have downloaded episodes of your podcast over a specific time frame.

Podcast Website Backlinks #

The number of external websites linking back to your podcast's website or specific episode page.

Recording Time per Episode

The total hours spent recording content for each episode.

Repurposed Pieces of Content per Episode #

The number of separate content pieces derived or repurposed from a single podcast episode (e.

Research Hours per Episode

The total number of hours dedicated to researching topics, guests, and data for each podcast episode.

Sales Connected to the Show 💰

The number or value of sales attributed directly to podcast content, promotions, or mentions.

Scheduling Time per Guest

The total amount of time spent coordinating and scheduling guests for each podcast episode.

Social Shares per Episode #

The number of times an episode has been shared across various social media platforms.

Time Required for Post-Production per Episode

The number of hours spent on production and post-production editing for each podcast episode.

Total Monthly Cost of Running a Podcast 💰

The total monthly costs associated with running the podcast, including all input costs.

Total Podcast Monthly Revenue 💰

The total revenue generated by the podcast in a given month.