1. Marketing

8 Public Relations KPIs

Conversions from PR Efforts #

The number of desired actions (such as sign-ups, purchases, or downloads) resulting from PR-related content or campaigns.

Crisis Response Time

The duration it takes for a company to respond publicly to a negative event or crisis situation, in hours or minutes.

Engagement on PR Content #

The number of likes, shares, comments, or interactions PR content receives on social media or other platforms.

Media Mentions #

The number of times a brand, product, or company representative is mentioned in the media.

Referral Traffic from PR Efforts #

The number of visitors coming to the brand's website from links in media articles or PR-related content.

ROI from PR Campaigns %

The financial return generated from PR efforts compared to the cost of those efforts.

Sentiment Analysis %

Measurement of the tone (positive, neutral, negative) of media mentions.

Share of Voice %

The percentage of media mentions a brand receives compared to its competitors.