1. Project Management

6 Business Value KPIs

This category aims to quantify the economic and strategic value delivered by the project. It's essential for project managers to understand not just the cost incurred but also the overall value generation - whether through enhancing revenue, customer satisfaction, or strategic positioning. Business value KPIs are instrumental in making decisions that align with the broader business goals and demonstrating the project's contribution to organizational success.

Cost-Benefit Ratio Estimate ⚖️

Assesses the financial value of a project relative to its cost, aiding stakeholders in determining the project's economic viability.

Net Present Value 💰

Net Present Value (NPV) calculates the present value of future cash flows from a project, subtracted by the initial investment.

Payback Period

The Payback Period indicates how long it takes for a project to recoup its initial investment, in months or years.

Project Return on Investment (ROI) %

ROI measures the profitability of a project.

Rate of Profitable Projects %

By identifying the percentage of projects that were financially profitable, this KPI can guide future project selection and resource allocation.

Rate of Projects with Negative ROI %

Tracks the proportion of projects that did not meet financial expectations.