1. Sales

6 Sales Performance KPIs

Examines the effectiveness and outcomes of the sales efforts. It looks at overall success through various lenses, such as meeting or exceeding sales targets, revenue generation, and conversion rates. Sales Performance KPIs provide crucial insights into the efficacy of the sales strategy and execution, guiding future improvements and highlighting achievements or areas in need of attention.

Average Profit Margin per Sale %

This KPI measures the average profit made per sale, indicating pricing strategies' effectiveness and market positioning.

Lead Conversion Rate %

Lead Conversion Rate tracks the percentage of leads that turn into customers, providing insight into sales funnel efficiency.

Sales by Region

Sales by Region tracks revenue generated from different areas, showing market penetration and regional market performance.

Sales per Representative 💰

Average sales generated by each representative, reflecting individual performance and identifying training or hiring needs.

Sales Target Achievement Rate %

This rate shows the proportion of sales goals achieved, reflecting the sales team's efficiency and the realism of set targets.

Year-Over-Year (YOY) Sales Growth %

YOY Sales Growth compares sales figures from one year to the next, indicating long-term sales trends and seasonal impacts.