1. Human Resources

8 Holidays, Health & Safety KPIs

Absenteeism Rate %

The frequency and extent to which employees are absent from work, excluding pre-approved leave like vacations.

Average Sick Days Per Employee #

Reflects the average number of sick days taken by each employee annually.

Average Vacation Days Per Employee #

Shows the average number of vacation days taken by each employee annually.

Employees Trained in First Aid %

The percentage of employees who have received first aid training.

Medical Leave Frequency #

Tracks how often employees take medical leave.

Number of Accidents #

Records the total number of accidents (minor or major) that occur in the workplace.

Participation in Voluntary Health Screening %

Calculates the percentage of employees who participate in health screenings or check-ups offered by the company.

Safety-related Incident Rate #

Measures the frequency of safety-related incidents or accidents that occur within the workplace over a specific period.