1. Marketing

10 Customer Journey KPIs

Average Time to Conversion

The average time taken for a prospect to become a customer from the initial touchpoint.

Conversion Rate at Each Funnel Stage %

The percentage of individuals who move to the next stage of the funnel.

Cost Per Acquisition at Each Funnel Stage 💰

The cost incurred to acquire a customer at a specific stage of the funnel.

Customer Journey Length #

The total number of stages or steps in the customer's journey.

Customer Touchpoints Before Conversion #

The average number of interactions a customer has with the brand before conversion.

Drop-Off Rate %

The percentage of individuals who leave the funnel at a particular stage.

Funnel Conversion Rate %

The percentage of top-funnel prospects who become customers.

Lead Scoring Average 🏅

The average score of leads based on their likelihood to convert.

Loyalty/Repeat Customer Rate %

The percentage of customers who make repeat purchases or stay loyal to the brand.

Top-Funnel Traffic #

The amount of traffic or visitors at the initial stages of the customer journey.