1. Project Management

6 Deliverable Metrics KPIs

These KPIs revolve around the evaluation of the final outputs or products of a project. It's crucial to monitor these metrics to ensure that deliverables adhere to the predefined standards and meet client or stakeholder expectations. Keeping a close eye on deliverable metrics allows project managers to maintain the quality and integrity of the project’s output, ensuring they align with the project's objectives and requirements.

Compliance Rate %

Indicates how well the project's deliverables comply with relevant standards, regulations, or requirements.

Customer Acceptance Rate %

The percentage of deliverables that are accepted by the customer without revisions or rework.

Error Rate %

Represents the percentage of project deliverables with defects or errors.

Number of Defects Identified #

This metric captures the number of defects or issues identified during the project's duration, which helps in assessing the quality of the deliverables.

Number of Defects Resolved #

Measures the number of defects that have been addressed and resolved.

Technical Performance Measures %

These are specific technical metrics used to gauge the performance of a deliverable against its requirements.