1. Project Management

8 Plan vs Reality KPIs

One of the key challenges in project management is ensuring that the project adheres to its planned course, including timelines and budgets. KPIs in this category help in comparing the original plan with the actual progress and outcomes. They are critical in identifying deviations early and provide a basis for corrective actions, ensuring that the project remains aligned with its initial scope and objectives.

Cost Performance Index ⚖️

Cost Performance Index (CPI) measures the cost efficiency of a project.

Cost Variance 💰

Cost Variance represents the difference between the expected costs (budgeted) and the actual costs at a given point in the project.

Planned Finish Date vs Actual Finish Date

By assessing the difference between the expected and actual completion dates, this KPI provides insights into project delays, aiding in future planning and stakeholder communication.

Planned Resource Cost vs Actual Resource Cost 💰

By juxtaposing expected costs associated with resources to the actual costs, this KPI provides insights into resource cost management and aids in budget adjustments.

Planned Resource Utilization vs Actual Resource Utilization %

Tracks the disparity between anticipated and real resource consumption.

Planned Start Date vs Actual Start Date

Measures the deviation between the planned start date of a task or project and its actual commencement.

Schedule Performance Index ⚖️

Schedule Performance Index (SPI) gauges the efficiency of time utilization in the project.

Schedule Variance

Schedule Variance indicates how much ahead or behind schedule a project is at a specific point in time.