1. Software Product


API metrics assess the usage, performance, and impact of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in software products. These KPIs are crucial for understanding how external users and services interact with the API, gauging the API's efficiency, and identifying areas for optimization. Monitoring these metrics is essential for API developers and product managers to ensure high availability, optimal performance, and effective integration with other services or applications.

API Usage Growth %

API Usage Growth tracks the increase in API usage over time, highlighting trends in adoption and reliance on the API.

Applications Per API #

Tracks the number of distinct applications or systems that utilize the API.

Number of API Partners #

Measures the number of business partnerships or integrations established through the API.

Time To First API Call

Time To First API Call measures the duration from when a user first accesses the API to when they successfully make their first call.

Unique API Consumers #

Unique API Consumers counts the distinct users or services that make requests to the API.