50+ Software Product KPI Examples

Are you on the hunt for software product KPI examples to measure your product’s performance?

As a product manager, you're aware that the cornerstone of a successful product strategy lies in making informed, data-driven decisions.

The world of software products is rich with data collection opportunities, each offering valuable insights to steer your product towards greater success.

Dive into our comprehensive list of product KPI examples below. Regardless of your product's nature, it's crucial to focus on User Engagement and User Experience.

For a well-rounded analysis, integrate Financial KPIs and insights from Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. This approach ensures a comprehensive picture of your product's performance, guiding you to make strategic decisions that resonate with success.

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All Software Product KPI Examples


API metrics assess the usage, performance, and impact of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in software products. These KPIs are crucial for understanding how external users and services interact with the API, gauging the API's efficiency, and identifying areas for optimization. Monitoring these metrics is essential for API developers and product managers to ensure high availability, optimal performance, and effective integration with other services or applications.

Mobile App

Mobile App key performance indicators are essential for evaluating the success and health of mobile applications. These metrics provide insights into user acquisition, retention, and engagement within the app, as well as the app’s overall financial performance through in-app purchases and monetization strategies. Monitoring these KPIs is crucial for app developers and marketers to understand user behavior, optimize app features and user experience, and effectively strategize marketing efforts.

Open Source Program

Open Source Program metrics are essential for evaluating the health, activity, and community engagement of open source software projects. These KPIs measure aspects like community contributions, issue management, project adoption, and overall project activity. They are crucial for open source maintainers and contributors to understand the project's traction, identify areas for improvement, and foster a vibrant and active open source community.

User Engagement

User Engagement metrics in Software Products focus on how users interact with and value the software. These KPIs track various aspects of user behavior and response, from initial sign-up and conversion rates to daily and monthly active usage. They are pivotal in understanding user adoption, usage patterns, and overall commitment to the product.


UX (User Experience) metrics evaluate the usability, effectiveness, and overall user satisfaction with a software product's interface and design. These KPIs are vital for ensuring that the product is intuitive, user-friendly, and meets the users' needs. They help in identifying usability issues, enhancing user interaction, and ultimately improving user retention and satisfaction.

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