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10+ Open Source Program KPIs

Open Source Program metrics are essential for evaluating the health, activity, and community engagement of open source software projects. These KPIs measure aspects like community contributions, issue management, project adoption, and overall project activity. They are crucial for open source maintainers and contributors to understand the project's traction, identify areas for improvement, and foster a vibrant and active open source community.

Accepted Pull Requests #

Measures the number of pull requests that have been merged or accepted into the project.

Contributing External Companies #

Tracks the number of different companies or external organizations actively contributing to the project.

External to Internal Contribution Ratio ⚖️

Evaluates the balance between contributions from external community members versus internal team members.

Meetups Organized #

Counts the number of meetups or community events organized around the project.

Number of Commits Per Contributor #

Tracks the average number of commits made by each contributor, providing insights into individual contributor activity and engagement.

Number of Contributors #

Measures the total number of individual contributors to an open source project.

Open Issue Duration

Measures the average time issues remain open before being resolved.

Open Pull Requests #

Counts the number of pull requests that are open at any given time.

Open Source Project Adoption Rate #

Measures the rate at which the project is being adopted by users or developers.

Open Source Project Followers #

Measures the number of individuals or entities following the project through various channels.

Open Source Projects Contributed To #

Reflects the number of different open source projects to which the organization or community has contributed.

Open Source Projects Created #

Counts the number of new open source projects initiated by the organization or community.

Pull Request Resolution Time

Calculates the average time taken to close or merge a pull request.

Pull Requests Submitted #

Tracks the total number of pull requests submitted to the project.

Total Issues Reported #

The total number of issues reported in the project.