1. Compliance

7 Risk & Incident Management KPIs

Mean Time to Detect Incidents

Measures the average time it takes to detect an incident after it has occurred.

Mean Time to Respond to Incidents

This KPI measures the average time taken to respond to an incident once it's detected.

Number of Identified Risks #

Counts the total number of risks identified within a specified period.

Number of Incidents Resolved vs Reported ⚖️

Compares the number of resolved incidents to those that have been reported.

Number of Security Incidents Reported #

Tracks the number of security-related incidents reported.

Rate of Recurrence of Previously Mitigated Risks %

Measures the rate at which previously mitigated risks re-emerge.

Rate of Risks Mitigated Within a Defined Period %

Measures the percentage of identified risks that have been mitigated within a set period.