1. Human Resources

8 Employee Engagement & Development KPIs

Employee Issue Resolution Rate %

The percentage of reported employee issues or concerns that get resolved within a specified timeframe.

Learning Sessions Held for Top Management #

The number of dedicated learning or training sessions specifically tailored for the organization's top management or leadership team.

Promotion Rate %

The percentage of employees who receive a promotion within a given timeframe, typically annually.

Rate of Employees with Development Plans %

The percentage of employees who have a clear, documented personal development plan in place, often co-created with their supervisors.

Rate of Managers Trained in Key Processes %

The percentage of managerial staff who have undergone training for essential organizational processes.

Rate of Monthly 1-on-1 Meetings for All Staff %

The percentage of employees who engage in monthly one-on-one meetings with their immediate supervisors or managers.

Time to Answer Employee Suggestions

Average number of days it takes the HR or management team to respond to employee suggestions or feedback.

Training Completion Rate %

The percentage of employees who complete assigned or offered training sessions and courses within a specified timeframe.