1. Marketing

10 Affiliates & Partnerships KPIs

Affiliate Conversion Rate %

The percentage of leads from affiliates that convert into sales or a desired action.

Affiliate Program Cost 💰

The total cost of running the affiliate program, including commissions, platform fees, and other related expenses.

Affiliate Revenue Share %

The percentage of total revenue that is attributed to affiliate sales.

Average Affiliate Earnings Per Click 💰

Average earnings generated from a single click on an affiliate's promotional link.

Average Order Value from Affiliate Sales 💰

The average monetary value of orders placed through affiliate links.

Churn Rate of Affiliates %

Percentage of affiliates or partners who stop promoting your product or service.

New Partnerships Acquired #

The number of new partners or affiliates acquired in a given time frame.

Return on Advertising Spend from Partnerships %

The amount of revenue generated for every dollar spent on partnership campaigns.

Top Performing Affiliates

Affiliates generating the highest number of leads or sales.

Total Affiliate Partners #

The total number of affiliates or partners promoting your product or service.