1. Marketing

10+ Video KPIs

Average Percentage Viewed %

Reflects viewer engagement by showing the average percentage of the video that viewers watched.

Average View Duration

The average length of time viewers spend watching the video.

Frequency of videos #

The number of videos released in a specific timeframe.

Recording Time per Video

The total amount of time taken to record the raw footage for a particular video.

Revenue Generated from Videos 💰

Total income generated as a direct or indirect result of the video, from ads, sponsored content, or product sales in a timeframe.

ROI From Videos %

The net return from the video after deducting the production and promotion costs.

Shares per Video #

The number of times the video has been shared across social platforms or through other mediums.

Subscriber Growth Rate %

The percentage growth in the number of subscribers to a video channel over a specific period, compared to the previous period.

Time Required for Creation of Promo Materials

The duration spent creating promotional content like trailers, teasers, and snippets for the video.

Time Required for Post-Production per Video

The time dedicated to post-production tasks like editing, adding effects, sound mixing, etc.

Video Click-Through Rate %

Percentage of viewers who clicked on a CTA or link related to the video.

Video Conversion Rate %

Percentage of viewers who take a desired action (e.

Video Production Cost 💰

The total expenditure related to creating a video, including equipment, staff, locations, etc.

Video Promotion Budget 💰

Funds allocated to promote the video through various channels.

Video Views #

The total number of times a video or all published videos have been watched.