1. Sales

9 Account Management KPIs

Focused on the nurturing, growth, and management of existing customer accounts, this subcategory deals with evaluating the health and profitability of long-term client relationships. Key for businesses where long-term contracts and repeat business are common, these KPIs track account growth, client satisfaction, and the effectiveness of account management strategies.

Account Churn Rate %

Indicates the rate at which accounts are lost over a certain period, signaling the need for improved retention strategies.

Account Conversion Rate %

The rate at which prospects or leads are converted into active accounts, assessing the effectiveness of the sales process.

Account Coverage Ratio ⚖️

Measures the ratio of accounts to account managers, impacting the level of personalized service provided.

Account Engagement Level 🏅

Assesses the depth of an account's interaction with the company's services or products, which can be an indicator of account health.

Account Profitability Index 🏅

Evaluates the profitability of individual accounts, considering revenues and associated costs to serve the account.

Account Satisfaction Index 🏅

Derived from customer feedback, measures satisfaction levels of clients with the account management services.

Client Retention Rate %

Reflects the percentage of clients retained over a specific period, indicating account stability and customer satisfaction.

Lifetime Value of an Account 💰

Predicts the total revenue a business can expect from a single account throughout the business relationship.

Upsell/Cross-sell Success Rate %

Tracks the effectiveness of upselling or cross-selling efforts within existing accounts.