1. Sales

9 Market and Territory Performance KPIs

Herfindahl-Hirschman Index 🏅

A measure of market concentration that sums the squares of the market shares of all firms in the industry, indicating market competitiveness.

Market Share Percentage %

Indicates the company's portion of total sales in a specific market, used to gauge competitiveness and market control.

New Market Growth Rate %

Tracks growth in new markets by comparing current sales to initial sales, indicating expansion success.

Sales Growth by Territory %

Calculates the growth or decline in sales for a specific territory, showing regional market trends over time.

Sales Territory Volume 💰

Measures the total sales volume within a specific sales territory, reflecting regional sales effectiveness.

Territory Coverage Ratio ⚖️

Reflects how well sales resources are distributed across a territory, based on the number of sales reps to potential customer ratio.

Territory Penetration Rate %

Shows the percentage of potential customers in a territory that have been converted to actual customers, indicating market penetration.

Territory Profitability Index ⚖️

Analyzes profitability by comparing revenue to costs within a territory, indicating financial success.

Territory Quota Attainment Rate %

Measures the percentage of sales quota achieved in a specific territory, assessing sales rep performance.