1. Customer Service

10+ Call Centre KPIs

Agent Adherence To Schedule %

The percentage of time agents adhere to their planned work schedules.

Average After Call Work Time

The average time an agent spends on tasks related to the call (e.

Average Call Handling Time

The average duration taken by an agent to handle a call from start to finish.

Average Cost per Call 💰

The average cost incurred by the call center for handling a single call.

Call Abandonment Rate %

The percentage of incoming calls that are abandoned by the caller before connecting to an agent.

Call Resolution Rate %

The percentage of calls where the customer's issue is resolved in a single interaction.

Call Service Level %

The percentage of calls answered within a predefined threshold time.

Call Transfer Rate %

The percentage of calls that are transferred to another agent or department.

Call Volume #

The total number of incoming calls to the call center within a given time frame.

Completion Call Rate %

The percentage of calls that are successfully completed without being abandoned or disconnected.

Peak Hour Call Traffic #

The maximum number of calls received in any given hour of operation.