45+ Customer Service KPI Examples

Customer service acts as a bridge between brands and their patrons. In the age of instant gratification, customer service KPIs ensure that this bridge is not just stable but also efficient and responsive.

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Demystifying Customer Service KPIs

These KPIs measure the pulse of customer interactions, revealing satisfaction levels, efficiency of response, and overall service quality. They're the compass guiding service teams towards excellence.

The Power of Customer Service KPIs

Beyond metrics, these KPIs are a reflection of a brand's commitment to its customers. They influence loyalty, repeat business, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Most Popular Customer Service KPIs for 2024

Discover the customer service KPIs that users have upvoted the most. Dive into each one to learn how they're calculated.

Average Call Handling Time

The average duration taken by an agent to handle a call from start to finish. A shorter handling time can indicate efficient and effective agents. However, if it's too short, it may mean issues are not being thoroughly addressed, potentially leading to repeat calls or unsatisfied customers.


Total duration of all calls / Number of calls handled


If in one day, a call center handled 100 calls with a total duration of 500 minutes, the Average Call Handling Time would be 5 minutes.

Call Abandonment Rate %

The percentage of incoming calls that are abandoned by the caller before connecting to an agent. A high abandonment rate could indicate long wait times, technical issues, or a misalignment in customer expectations. Monitoring this can help in improving customer experience and ensuring potential customers aren't lost.


(Number of abandoned calls / Total number of incoming calls) x 100


If there were 20 abandoned calls out of 200 incoming calls, the Call Abandonment Rate would be 10%.

Completion Call Rate %

The percentage of calls that are successfully completed without being abandoned or disconnected. A high Completion Call Rate indicates the effectiveness of the call center's operations in keeping customers engaged and addressing their needs. Low rates can hint at dissatisfaction, technical issues, or premature ending of calls, which can affect customer trust.


(Number of completed calls / Total number of incoming calls) x 100


Out of 300 incoming calls, if 270 were completed, the Completion Call Rate would be 90%.

Call Transfer Rate %

The percentage of calls that are transferred to another agent or department. A high transfer rate might indicate that customers are not being routed to the best agent or department initially, which can lead to longer wait times and potential frustration. Ensuring customers reach the right person the first time increases satisfaction and reduces handling time.


(Number of transferred calls / Total number of handled calls) x 100


If out of 100 handled calls, 10 were transferred, the Call Transfer Rate would be 10%.

Emails Per Resolution #

The average number of email interactions required to resolve a customer's issue. Fewer emails per resolution imply efficient problem-solving and clearer communication, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.


Total emails exchanged / Number of resolved cases


If 60 emails were exchanged to resolve 20 cases, the Emails Per Resolution is 3.

Comprehensive List of Customer Service KPIs

Below is an extensive list of customer service KPIs, each accompanied by a brief summary. Click on any KPI to delve into its detailed description, including the formula and examples.

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In Summary

As we delve deeper into a world fueled by data, the plethora of metrics can often cloud our judgment. But, armed with the right KPIs, customer service teams can see through the haze, forging a path based on informed strategies that cater to both growth and resilience. Moving forward in 2024, trust these KPIs to act as your guiding lighthouses, spotlighting potential and sidestepping pitfalls.

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