1. Human Resources

7 Employee Performance & Satisfaction KPIs

Employee Feedback Action Rate %

The frequency with which employee feedback, given through various channels, results in tangible change within the organization.

Employee Satisfaction Score 🏅

Represents the overall satisfaction levels of employees typically derived from periodic satisfaction surveys.

Rate of Employee Growth Goals Met %

This metric assesses the proportion of employees who meet or exceed their personal development or career growth goals.

Rate of Employees Who Would Recommend The Organization as an Employer %

Measures the percentage of employees who would advocate for the company as a great place to work, often gathered through engagement or satisfaction surveys.

Rate of High-Performing Employees %

The proportion of employees who consistently surpass their performance targets or expectations.

Rate of Low-Performing Employees %

The percentage of employees who consistently underperform or do not meet their expected targets.

Rate of Performance Reviews Completed On Time %

Tracks the timeliness of performance appraisals and evaluations against their scheduled dates.