1. Human Resources

9 Employee Retention & Succession KPIs

Employee Retention %

The percentage of employees who remain with the company over a specified period, typically a year.

Employee Tenure Average #

The average duration of service among current employees, usually measured in years.

High-potential Employee Retention Rate %

Indicates the retention rate specifically for employees identified as having high potential for future leadership roles.

Involuntary Termination Rate %

The percentage of employees who were let go or terminated for reasons other than voluntary resignation or retirement during a specified time frame.

Job Leaving Ratio per Department %

The percentage of employees who left their jobs within a specific department over a given time frame.

Leadership Transition Success Rate %

Measures how successfully leadership transitions occur, often based on metrics like the performance of the successor or team/department outcomes.

Rate of Employees Near Retirement Age %

Reflects the proportion of employees who are approaching the typical retirement age, indicating potential vacancies and knowledge transfer needs.

Succession Readiness Rate %

Measures the proportion of critical roles that have identified successors who are ready to take over immediately if needed.

Voluntary Turnover Rate %

The percentage of employees who willingly leave the company, either by resignation or retirement, during a specified time frame.