1. Human Resources

10+ Recruitment & Onboarding KPIs

Actual vs. Budgeted Cost of Hire 💰

Compares the actual cost of hiring new employees to the budgeted or projected cost.

Average Cost to Recruit per Job Position 💰

Quantifies the expenses incurred in the recruitment process for a specific role, taking into account advertisements, recruiter fees, interview costs, and more.

Average Days of Vacancy Duration by Function

Indicates the average number of days specific job roles or functions remain open before being filled.

Average Sourcing Cost per Hire 💰

Measures the average cost associated with sourcing (finding and attracting) each new hire.

Average Time from Job Acceptance until Job Start

Captures the duration between a candidate accepting a job offer and their official start date.

Days From Employment Request to Job Opening

Tracks the time taken from the identification of a staffing need to the official announcement of a job vacancy.

Job Offer Acceptance Rate %

Showcases how many job offers extended by the company are accepted by candidates.

New Hire Satisfaction Rate with Recruiting Process %

Evaluates the satisfaction level of new employees regarding their recruitment experience, from the application to onboarding.

Onboarding Satisfaction Rate %

Specifically focused on the onboarding process, this metric measures how new hires feel about their introduction to the company, from orientation to initial training.

Rate of Applicants Referred by Current Employees %

Pinpoints the proportion of job applicants that were referred by existing employees.

Time to Hire

The average duration taken from the day a job vacancy is announced to the day a successful candidate is selected.