1. Project Management

5 Stakeholders KPIs

Projects are not just about tasks and deliverables; they are also about people. This set of KPIs focuses on the human element - from team engagement and morale to stakeholder satisfaction. Keeping track of these metrics helps ensure that the project team remains motivated and committed, and that stakeholder expectations are met or exceeded. These insights are vital for maintaining a positive and productive project environment.

Issue Resolution Time

The speed at which project issues or problems are resolved can impact stakeholder satisfaction and project momentum.

Stakeholder Engagement Rate %

Quantifies how actively involved stakeholders are in the project.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Score 🏅

This score quantifies the satisfaction of stakeholders, including sponsors, team members, and customers.

Team Mood 🏅

Team mood is an intangible yet crucial indicator of overall team satisfaction and motivation.

Team Turnover %

Team turnover rate reflects how often team members leave during the project's lifespan.