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9 Mobile App KPIs

Mobile App key performance indicators are essential for evaluating the success and health of mobile applications. These metrics provide insights into user acquisition, retention, and engagement within the app, as well as the app’s overall financial performance through in-app purchases and monetization strategies. Monitoring these KPIs is crucial for app developers and marketers to understand user behavior, optimize app features and user experience, and effectively strategize marketing efforts.

App Install Rate %

App Install Rate measures the percentage of users who install the app after visiting the app's landing page or viewing an ad.

App Store Ratings and Reviews 🏅

App Store Ratings and Reviews aggregate the overall user ratings and feedback on the app store.

App Uninstall Rate %

App Uninstall Rate tracks the percentage of users who uninstall the app after downloading it.

Average Screens Per Visit #

Measures the average number of screens or pages users navigate through in a single app session.

Cost Per Install 💰

Cost Per Install calculates the average cost incurred to acquire a new user who installs the app, often through advertising.

Device Usage

Device Usage identifies the types and models of devices used by the app's audience.

In-App Purchase Rate %

In-App Purchase Rate calculates the percentage of app users who make purchases within the app.

In-App Purchase Revenue Growth %

This metric tracks the growth rate of revenue generated from in-app purchases over time.

Mobile Retention Rate %

Mobile Retention Rate measures the proportion of users who continue to use the app over a specific time frame after installation.