1. Software Product

10+ User Engagement KPIs

User Engagement metrics in Software Products focus on how users interact with and value the software. These KPIs track various aspects of user behavior and response, from initial sign-up and conversion rates to daily and monthly active usage. They are pivotal in understanding user adoption, usage patterns, and overall commitment to the product.

Conversion Rate from Free to Paid Users %

This metric assesses the effectiveness of converting users from a free version of the software to a paid version.

Daily Active Users (DAU) #

DAU counts the number of unique users who engage with the software on a daily basis.

Invite Conversion Rate %

Invite Conversion Rate measures the success of referral or invitation programs by calculating the percentage of sent invites that result in new user registrations or sign-ups.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) #

MAU measures the total number of unique users who engage with the software in a given month.

Product Signups #

Product Signups measure the total number of users who have registered or signed up for the software product.

Registration Rate %

Registration Rate calculates the proportion of visitors who complete the registration process, reflecting the effectiveness of the onboarding experience and initial appeal.

Session Depth #

Session Depth quantifies the average number of interactions (such as clicks or screen views) a user has in a single session.

Session Interval

Session Interval measures the average time between individual user sessions, offering insights into user habit formation and product reliance.

Session Length

Session Length is the average duration a user spends in a single session when interacting with the software.

Stickiness Ratio %

The Stickiness Ratio compares the daily and monthly active users (DAU/MAU) to gauge how often users return to the software.

Time To First Purchase

Time To First Purchase tracks the average duration from a user's initial engagement (like signing up or installing) to making their first purchase.

Trial Conversion Rate %

Trial Conversion Rate is pivotal for freemium or trial-based software products, indicating the percentage of users converting from a free trial to a paid subscription.

User Churn Rate %

User Churn Rate quantifies the percentage of users who stop using the software over a specific period.

User Growth Rate %

User Growth Rate measures the rate at which the software's user base is expanding over time.

User Retention Rate %

User Retention Rate measures the proportion of users who continue using the software after a certain period, signifying long-term user engagement and satisfaction.